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While going about the procedure of selecting the perfect nanny of your child you might find the path is scattered with loopholes and you have to be careful so that you are not deceived later. Though it is always preferable to go for professional nanny services you would see that there are some insincere agencies who don’t subject the nannies under their banner to a rigorous and in depth reference scanning process and as parents it’s your responsibility to double check the nanny references so that you can work at work in peace with the knowledge that your child is safe in the best possible hands.

Get in touch with the nanny agency

Generally, all professional nanny services has an employee entrusted with the duty of checking the references of the nannies. You might want to demand a list of questions that the person uses in his screening process to see if you are satisfied with the research undertaken. If you aren’t satisfied you must contact the references yourself to get a better idea of your prospective nanny’s background.

Be mentally prepared

Keep in mind that you would be talking with a parent like yourself who knows that you are seeking an ideal person to take care of your child in an entirely unsupervised setting and hence it’s always better to assume a compassionate manner rather than a confrontational tone. Be frank and firm yet inquisitive while asking questions. It is preferable if you talk with a reference whose child is near about the same age as yours as you might have a holistic sense of what you can expect later on.

Unravel the psychological hints

Get a detailed idea of how the nanny got along with the child of the reference and what feedback did the parents receive from their child. Besides focusing on the fact that how the reference’s family dynamic was enriched with the presence of the nanny and how the latter’s demeanour under their employ. Pay attention to the attitude of the reference while talking about the nanny in question. If you see that the reference is eager and enthusiastic while talking you should feel encouraged to go forward with your choice. However, if they seem disinterested and rude, you might want to reconsider your decision.

Some standard questions to ask your nanny references

  • Could you rely on her whilst away?

  • Why did you terminate her from your employment?

  • Did she help with the household chores?

  • Did she handle emergencies well?

  • If given a chance, would you hire her again?

  • Be apprehensive but trust your gut instinct

    If you find that the reference listed by your nanny is almost promoting the latter or appearing too excited or nervous, you might be looking at a phony reference. In other cases, if you find that the reference is being evasive while answering your questions or not answering their phones even after multiple attempts, it will be better if you. However, if you find that the references are not promising but you are receiving some good vibes from the nanny, it is advisable that you go with your instinct and give her a chance to explain if something went wrong.

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