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So you've found the perfect nanny but have no idea how much to pay decently for the work. So, You should know the going rate of babysitting these days.

The average rate for sitting for nanny is typically around $8 - $12 per hour but babysitting wages can vary widely anywhere from as little as $4 to $18 per hour or more! This wide range is due to many factors, the important ones are location, number of children, experience and special requirements from parents.

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Here are some Babysitting Rates for top US cities.

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Top Cities
Rates based on 2 children
Sitter Age:
Under 21
Sitter Age:
Over 21
Atlanta, GA
$12.25 per hour
$12.67 per hour
Austin, TX$12.08 per hour$12.17 per hour
Baltimore, MD $11.92 per hour$12.08 per hour
Boston, MA$14.42 per hour$14.92 per hour
Charlotte, NC$11.42 per hour$11.58 per hour
Chicago, IL$12.67 per hour$12.92 per hour
Cleveland, OH$10.67 per hour$10.83 per hour
Columbus, OH$10.25 per hour$10.33 per hour
Dallas, TX$12.00 per hour$12.17 per hour
Denver, CO$11.75 per hour$11.92 per hour
Detroit, MI$10.42 per hour$10.67 per hour
Hartford, CT$12.17 per hour$12.42 per hour
Houston, TX$11.75 per hour$12.00 per hour
Los Angeles, CA$13.83 per hour$14.25 per hour
Miami, FL$12.17 per hour$12.42 per hour
Minneapolis, MN$11.25 per hour$11.50 per hour
New York City, NY$14.42 per hour$14.92 per hour
Philadelphia, PA$12.17 per hour$12.50 per hour
Phoenix, AZ$10.92 per hour$11.08 per hour
Portland, OR$11.58 per hour$11.83 per hour
San Diego, CA$11.67 per hour$12.00 per hour
San Francisco, CA$15.75 per hour$16.00 per hour
Seattle, WA$13.17 per hour$13.67 per hour
Tampa, FL$10.92 per hour$11.25 per hour
Washington, D.C.$13.25 per hour$13.58 per hour
These resources are great in deciding the decent pay for your newly hired Nanny.

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