Steps to Selecting the Right Nanny

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Your child manages to fill up not only the vacant spaces of your home but also those in your hearts with a surprised innocence and small squeals of laughter. As parents, it is your responsibility to ensure their safety throughout life and choosing a nanny is merely a stepping-stone to a lifelong experience. To find a good nanny it must seem enough to conduct a background check and be done with it. However, finding a good nanny goes deeper that such superficial concerns and encompasses a holistic and in depth analysis of what your needs are...

Nanny Definitions

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How is Nanny different from Babysitter or Au-pair or Mother's Helper? If you are confused, use these definitions for knowing more.

Babysitters are caregivers who work with several families and are paid hourly. Babysitters are usually part-time caregivers and aged from 18.

Mother's Helper
Mothers' helpers are training babysitters, they work under watchful environment when the parent is in the home. They assist in household works - cooking, washing. If you want to hire babysitter for trial period, you need mother's helper...

Nanny interview Questions

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The process of interviewing followed by thorough and in-depth background checks is a seriously underestimated aspect in the process of finding a good nanny. We are here to help you filter out the best from the varied options available with a guide on how to interview a nanny because let’s face it! Your child deserves nothing but perfection!

The fundamentals

Since it’s the first time you’ll be meeting your child’s future nanny, you must set the tone for the rest of the evening with some basic questions which would help both of you in warming up to each other.

  • What incident motivated you to become a nanny?

  • How long have you been working as a nanny?

  • How was your last babysitting experience like? When and how did it end?

  • Nanny Tips

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    Being a parent is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding experiences for anyone’s lifetime and it is your duty to make it one of the most special by ensuring that your child doesn’t remain wanting under any circumstances. Though selecting the ideal nanny for babysitting purposes can be one of the first steps in the achievement of your childcare ambition, you must also extend your responsibilities further to have a holistic and fulfilling babysitting for your child.

    Here are some childcare tips which would keep your sitter on her toes and you satisfied with the services of your nanny:

    1. Keep your eyes and ears open

    If you pay close attention to the behavioural patterns of your child you will find in them concealed hints which would convey whether they share a healthy dynamic with their babysitter or not. Keep your eyes and ears open to notice how your kid interacts which his or her nanny to find that whether the latter sits on the floor with them while playing or feeding. Research has shown that children require an affectionate and one-on-one relationship with their caregivers during growing up in order to lead thriving lives...

    Checking Nannies References

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    While going about the procedure of selecting the perfect nanny of your child you might find the path is scattered with loopholes and you have to be careful so that you are not deceived later. Though it is always preferable to go for professional nanny services you would see that there are some insincere agencies who don’t subject the nannies under their banner to a rigorous and in depth reference scanning process and as parents it’s your responsibility to double check the nanny references so that you can work at work in peace with the knowledge that your child is safe in the best possible hands.

    Get in touch with the nanny agency

    Generally, all professional nanny services has an employee entrusted with the duty of checking the references of the nannies. You might want to demand a list of questions that the person uses in his screening process to see if you are satisfied with the research undertaken. If you aren’t satisfied you must contact the references yourself to get a better idea of your prospective nanny’s background...

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