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1. Who can benefit from our website, What services we provide?
Our Nanny service lists out nannies and sitters with location, preferred rates and references.
For parents looking for childcare, we have a remarkable list of thousands of professional nannies near your area. Nannies, looking for sitter jobs can also benefit from our site, who can submit resume, bio-data through our contact us page. To find perfect sitter for your child, one can check references, location, rates, background checks, interviews, hire for part-time check sitter relations with the child before hiring for full-time.

2. How to search nanny profiles listed in our website?
We have a remarkable list of reviewed nannies near your location, you can search by entering your zip code or by selecing your state/city. All nannies listed in our website are from top childcare providers some of which include sittercity .com, sitter .com and nannies4hire .com

3. Does it costs anything to browse for nanny profiles listed in our site?
No, it is 100% FREE to search service. However, to look for complete references and to contact nannies, you can join respective providers. Also some of these providers offer FREE trial memberships too after the trial ends you will be charged with reasonable monthly rates. You can cancel anytime if the service provided doesnot match your needs.

4. How much is the decent pay for nanny?
Varies with requirements. Check out our article here on deciding decent pay for a newly hired nanny and rate calculator here

5. On-call nannies, Overnight Babysitters costs?
Add extra $2 per hour(if paying hourly) for working past 10:00 pm or before 8:00 am - non-regular hours. Also, add $2-$4 if transportation is required for on-call sitting.

6. Pros and Cons of joining membership websites to find a babysitter?
Pros: You have broader scope of comparing rates and choose someone who would be best suited for your child if you opt for professional nanny services. Cons: You will be allowing unknown person to reach your personal belongings, unless you research nanny well, safety of your family is at risk.
Check out our article here on how to find a good nanny.

7. How to use babysitting rate calculator?
Babysitting costs depends on various factors : age group of children, time of day of sitting, transportation charges, number of children, experience and special care requirement. Check out decent rate calculator here provided by babysitting-rates .com.

8. How much rate change for toddlers, infants?
Infants, Newborns, toddlers requires special care and close watch, only trained nannies experienced in caring little kids should be hired. Depending on experience, babysitting costs need to be exceeded $2-$4.

9. How to interview a babysitter?
Check out our article here for some standard questions to ask a prospective nanny.

10. Whether to leave your child alone at home with sitter while you are at work?
Keep your eyes and ears open to notice how your kid and your newly hired nanny interacts. Unannounced arrivals by you at your home will keep you mentally alert and satisfied that your nanny’s babysitting is in accordance with your expectations. Once you see a practical demonstration of your nanny’s efficiency and also have built trust through communication, there should not be much fear left to leave your child alone with newly hired Nanny. Check out our article here for more childcare tips.

11. Can a Nanny looking for families benefit too with our website?
Yes, Contact us here with your resume, bio-data and past experience. We will be happy to assist you for childcare options.

12. Do we also recommend best-fit nannies for parent or best-fit family for nannies?
Yes, Contact us here with your requirements. We will be happy to assist you for childcare options.

13. Our website Terms of Service, usage?
Review our terms and conditions by visiting here

14. How to get more childcare resources and offer?
Subscribe with your email address for childcare exclusive offers and more tips

15. More queries, How to contact us ?
mail at or Call us at +13127246130 . We will be happy to assist you.

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