Child care Definitions

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How is Nanny different from Babysitter or Au-pair or Mother's Helper? If you are confused, use these definitions for knowing more.

Babysitters are caregivers who work with several families and are paid hourly. Babysitters are usually part-time caregivers and aged from 18.

Mother's Helper
Mothers' helpers are training babysitters, they work under watchful environment when the parent is in the home. They assist in household works - cooking, washing. If you want to hire babysitter for trial period, you need mother's helper.

A nanny is a full-time caregiver who works for one family at a time and receives daily or weekly salary. Nannies are often full-time caregivers but there are part-time nannies as well.

Au Pair
An au pair is a foreigner whose age ranges from 18 to 26 and comes to US to live and work for an American family as care provider. The hired au pair receives board and live-in room and also allowance for work.

Nanny service as featured in USA Weekend, Today Show, Working Mother, The Wall Street Journal and Chicago Tribune.

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