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Whenever you decide on availing the services of a nanny, you might be plagued by the doubts with regards to whether the babysitter you select will be able to handle the pressure of looking after a kid for such a long duration. However, what the parents often seem to forget in these cases is to engage in a thorough background check of their future nanny- one of the most crucial steps in ensuring that your little one doesn’t come in harm’s way, however tangentially so as to guarantee an enriched childhood while growing up which would lead to a gratifying life later on.

Know your rights

Did you know that there are some specific laws Fair Credit Reporting Act laws, which grant you the permission to look into the background of your nanny without being prosecuted for it? So you can subject the prospective nannies to a background screening without fearing that you could have to face a lawsuit because of it. The legal system recognises your right to keep your family and loved ones safe and encourages the necessary precautions, which need to be undertaken.

Don’t feel restricted

Often the parents who are interested in nanny services aren’t knowledgeable enough to know exactly what background check they should perform to be absolutely sure of the nanny’s credibility. They simply decide to talk with the references, which had been listed by the nanny agency and be done with it. However, keep in mind that those references have a great probability of being phony and can lead to some disastrous results.

Explore your options

Besides having a chat with credible references, you could also check for any arrest records in the past or see to it that your household employee has an impeccable driving record. If you use the services of the agencies, which excel in researching and screening the background of nannies, you will find that they can perform an in-depth analysis for you which include tracking of criminal records and sex offender reports nationally and verification of the Social Security number.

Be aware of their educational background

Though some parents think that looking into the academic background of their nannies is relatively irrelevant, just think that if someone can impersonate to be something they are not right at the beginning then what would be the lies they would sprout later on with you depending on them for your child’s safety? Moreover, some unscrupulous people might want to trick you into hiring them at higher wages based on a nanny training service they claim to have attended. Be verifying the educational background you will have a clear idea of whether they are qualified to undertake the job at all.

Accept your limitations

All said and done it is of utmost importance that you recognise that no matter how air tight your background screening procedure is, there is always a scope for misinformation or some lapses in the filtering process. In such cases, it is advisable that you go with your gut instinct and choose the nanny who gels the most with you and your child’s personality.

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