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Where can I find a loving nanny for my child? Soon after delivering, has become a popular question among new-age moms. With the great majority of people now living on two incomes, nannies are becoming an increasingly important part of young couples' life.
The use of a nanny to raise a kid has become the standard among today's working mothers. And for many nannies, caring for a kid is frequently more than a job; it's a position they adore.

Our nanny services in New York City can supply you with a list of thousands of babysitters all across the United States. is the original and most trusted job matching site, providing a secure environment for families to effortlessly connect, obtain advice, and hire with confidence.

We assist folks just like you in locating dependable, cost-effective care. We provide you with the most modern search tools and security methods available, making it safe and simple to locate Nannies that have the precise characteristics and experience you want. Whether you're looking for a part-time, live-out Nanny or a full-time, live-in Nanny, we can help. In any case, if you're looking for a high-quality, cheap nanny, we've got you covered.

From daycare to special needs care, pet sitting, tutoring, personal assistants, housekeeping, and geriatric care, the firm offers a crucial service to families throughout their lives. Personalized searches and thorough profiles, which include background checks, online interviews, references, reviews, and photographs, assist families and carers in finding the greatest possible two-way match.

All of our carers are subjected to a thorough background check:

All caregivers must conduct a background check as part of the screening procedure. It is critical to do a background check on a potential nanny. It is strongly advised that you do a covert background check on yourself. Because neighbouring region inquiries are only limited to particular regions, it is also necessary to do a national background check.

A background check may contain criminal records, marriage records, litigation, property ownership, address, phone numbers, relatives and neighbours, and other information. Background checks are a secure method to quickly obtain the information you want!

A Motor Vehicle Records check is one of the extra background check options available for purchase. You gain access to the complete report when you conduct an extra check, allowing you to make the best hiring option for your family.

It's completely free to search. Connect with no cost. FindLocalNanny is the simplest and most direct method to locate amazing Nannies and Nanny services in New York and throughout the world. Safe and sound. Privacy is guaranteed. Begin right now!

Nanny Resources

It is important for you to look for resources to find the right nanny for your family. That’s why resources have been made to help you through the process, to suggest questions for sitter interviews.
You can check Resources & Tools section on left sidebar to read tips on the nanny finding process and find out great sitters in your area.

Background Checks

A Background Check includes a criminal background check, marriage records, lawsuits, property ownership, address, phone numbers, relatives & neighbours and more. Background Checks are a confidential way to get the information you want instantly!

It is crucial to have a background check done for a chosen nanny. It is recommended highly to have background check on your own in a secret way. It is also crucial to do a National Background Check since nearby region inquiries are just constrained to individual regions.

You can get a background check instantly for nannies at affordable price with It provides background check in depth, national employment background check, SSN Trace, Address history, Verification of Criminal Database Records and more and make your family safe with hired Nanny.

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